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Split Personality Cult Side B

I envision the pseudo-personality overlaying the pre-cult personality like tarmac on a road, a horizontal split: The tarmac “takes” to one degree or another. For some it sits comfortably, but for others it is uncomfortable from the start; and when the individual leaves the cult.

Just a little more than a decade ago, Jung's personality took a beating in biographies by Richard Noll (The Jung Cult, ) and the Aryan Christ (), and only somewhat less so in Frank McLynn.

pre-cult personality, was re-emerging over a long period of time; and as this happened, life was much more painful than when she was complying with her cult pseudo-personality, Magdalene. As she became more aware, she did not know which side she should be on. Others had noticed this split.

A split personality is a popular term for DID. In the past, DID was known as multiple personality disorder. People with DID have two or more distinct do not present as simple Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins.

A person with anti social personality disorder is very common and can absolutely come across as a split personality. But from what i have seen in documentaries and at work, multiple personality disorder isn’t taken seriously. I could be wrong though.

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    With Split about to break into theaters, we chronicle 15 horror movies that exploited the split personality disorder for our benefit. In Sybil, the case study of a woman who appeared to be.


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